Derived from the Greek words philos [loving] + anthrĊpos [man], philanthropy has become a central part of the Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association's activities. ODPAA has a renewed commitment to show their love of mankind through various philanthropic efforts.

We realize the importance of giving back to the community that served as our home during our college years. During our 50th Anniversary in July of 2011 we took the opportunity to share our appreciation.

ODP AA Donates to the Greek Life Project at Clarkson

ODPAA Makes a Donation to the Clarkson Alumni Gateway Project

During the 50th Reunion/Alumni weekend July 15-17, 2011 , the ODPAA made a donation to the Alumni Gateway Project (or a like project) that highlights the history of Greek Life at Clarkson.

Reunion Weekend Community Service Project

Omega collected a HALF TON of canned goods as part of our commitment to community service at alumni weekend.
Omega Delta Phi Alumni donate bookshelf

Bookshelf Presented to Potsdam Library During Alumni Weeknd

The sisters of Omega donated a bookshelf to the childrens corner at the Potsdam Public Library during alumni weekend July 15 - 17, 2011.

North Country Now published the story >>.

"On behalf of the Potsdam Public Library staff, patrons and Board of Trustees - you have our most sincere thanks for your donation of the new toddler book cart. Our children's section is well used and this cart makes it easy for our patrons and their little ones to find their favorite books and frees up valuable space for sitting and reading. Thank you so much." ~ Jane Lavigne, Trustee