Omega Delta Phi Crest

Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

Alumni Giving        
Our 50th Anniversary inspired ODPAA’s first formal fundraising campaign and donor recognition program as well as many other donations. We hope all this momentum begins of a long tradition of donor programs and a culture of giving in our sisterhood. These efforts will ensure strong financial support for the Omega sisterhood, active and alumni. Your support and generosity embody the character of Omega and we are truly grateful such amazing women are part of this sisterhood! The Officers of the Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association wish to thank the following donors for their generosity, commitment, and support.

* Donated to Golden Gift and General Fund
# Multiple Golden Gift Donor per the # listed

As of January 4, 2013

Golden Gift Donors

Amy Smalley Marrello
Barbara Mosher Conniff
Barbara Ann Fairley Davis
Beth Anne James
Bridget Palmer Cassalia
Carla Gerace Colonna
Carla Edelstein Theodore #2
Carol Lauzon Raymonda
Carol Millard DiLallo
Carol Rose Reed #2
Carole Olkowski McCulloch *
Cathi Schmid Usiatynski *#2
Cheryl Boyers Betzold #2
Cindy Dylis Wilson #3
Dawn Holland Jacobson
Deborah Dunn
Donna Juhasz Lawrence #2

Donna Maniet Deruchia
Donnalyn Eaton Shuster #3
Ellen Hadley
Erika Vesterby Peterson *
Erin Soluri Draper
Gloria Ottavio
Jane McGuerty Healy
Janet Corey Downie Naab *#8
Janet McGowan
Jennifer Barker
Jennifer Mates
Jennifer Neff Fonseca
Jennifer McCarthy Kozlowski *
Jenny Goss Watson #2
Jessica Barse Hunt
Judith Allen
Judy Dasno Killmer
Julie A. Temple Herrman #2
Kathy Meissner Hickey
Kathy Hawkins Puff
Kristen Kincade #2
Lisa Janak Newman
Lisa Plis Fluman
Lois Little #2
Margaret Saunders
Marie Pope Kiernan
Marilyn Quattrone Stone*
Marjorie Lalor Reilly #2
MaryAnne Gormley Mangano
Mary Jones Landry*
Megan Parry Radtke
Melani Karlik Robinson *
Meredith Chapman Deehan *
Michele Littlefield Sheley
Nancy Bohenek Jones
Nicole Dedes Eisenbach *
Patti Supry Cook
Paula Allen Braunschweig *
PenniSue Shaw Pierce
Reisha Gray Rieder
Renee Vivlamore Malcolm #4
Robyn Rebeor Harper
Sandy Servick Hayes
Sarah Curet Shepard *
Seana Coughlin Mancini
Shelah Novak
Sherri Sollecito Hewitt *
Stacey Carrara Friends
Suzanne Feener Johnston #5
Suzanne Lavoie Carty
Suzanne Wietecha Ross
Terry Miklitsch Kinstrey
Tracy Peterson
Virginia Mereness Abresch
General Donors
Beth Jansen Facchine
Betsy Webb-Bronzetti
Brenda Herkimer McManigle
Carole Olkowski McCulloch*
Cathy Schmid Usiatynski*
Colleen Dolan Stadnick
Claudia Pfaffenbach Lord
Erika Vesterby Peterson*

Janet Corey Downie Naab*
Jeanne Perchinsky Williams
Jennifer McCarthy Kozlowski *
Jennifer Powers
Joan Brennan Molinaro
Kathleen Kull Bossinger
Lisa LaMontain Muller
Marilyn Quattrone Stone*
Mary Jones Landry
Mary Kay Esworthy Stiles
Melani Karlik Robinson *
Melissa Servis Roberts
Meredith Chapman Deehan *
Nicole Dedes Eisenbach *
Paula Allen Braunschweig
Peggy Wood Jongsma

Robin Yale Morante
Rosemary Chimento Coyle
Sarah Curet Shepard *
Sherri Sollecito Hewitt *
Sherry Barcomb Clines
Susan Peck Harrison
Susan Steele Montgomery
Wilma Reynolds Willson