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President's Message
Dear Sisters,
With spring flowers and promises of nice weather on the horizon, much anticipation is growing as Omega Delta Phi prepares to celebrate our 55th birthday with a gala reunion this July in Potsdam. Far beyond the wildest dreams of our Charter Members, our house has grown from a core group of determined women – creating a house that would stand apart from the other sororities of the day – from our first physical property at 4 Hamilton to our house of Red and White that stands proudly at 51 Elm Street today. We have in our ranks, film producers, engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, musicians, dancers, artists, business owners, college professors, lawyers, accountants, physical therapists to name a few!

Celebrating this milestone event is a testament to the strength, talent, determination, and adherence to our core values that emphasize within our sister hood, the uniqueness of each individual. Hemlines and hairstyles, politics and Presidents, lifestyles and careers may change over the years – but the love we have for Omega has never gone out of style – and has grown stronger with each year.

On behalf of the Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association, we are looking forward to celebrating this Fifty0sixth Birthday this July and welcome each and every sister to come home to 51 Elm Street this summer. Saving you a seat on the front porch!

Love in ODP,
Donnalyn Eaton Shuster ( Spring ’78)
President – Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association

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